Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's my Birthday!

Well today I turned 49, it is really hard to believe. It snowed last night both kids were on delay today! Amber had left me a Birthday poster on my windshield and a red balloon tied to my antenna. I came to work at 8:30 Charles is gone today not much to do. I started the Financial Peace Class (Dave Ramsey) at my Church last week. Tonight is our second class meeting. I have done my homework. Hunter got a welcome surprise at school yesterday Milligan had some leftover money for financial aid and they gave him a thousand dollars. I did my income taxes last week and fafsa's for all three of us.

Everyone is so ready for spring and warmer weather. We have had alot of cold days and snow this winter. Not alot of accumulation but still cold. I am looking forward to walking again and excersing. I did go to a Zumba class at Avoca Church monday. It was fun but it didnt make me sore so I am not sure if it was a good work out maybe more of a cardio.

This semester I am taking a Medical terminogy class so far it has been pretty interesting and hard. There is alot to learn!