Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long time no blog updates!

Well we are now into the new year 2009! I have been off 2 weeks (except for one day I worked) while the kids were out of school. Got alot of rest did the usual holiday things, Scrapbooked and read some. We had a good Christmas, both kids got new cell phones and I accidently did too!
Kids went back to school on Monday, new semester, Hunter's is taking two AP courses which look like they will be hard. Amber has all hard classes this semester too.

Of course with a new year I have the same resolution to lose weight and get in shape. But its really more that I want a lifestyle change as far as my eating and exercise habits go. I know that I can lose but keeping it off is the trick. The biggest part of my problem is my schedule, especially during basketball season. We have two nights a week that we have 2 games and Amber has tumbling two nights and Church is two nights. But I know it can be done with the right planning and frame of mind