Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid July 2009

Well I have had my surgery and am laying aroung alot. Dr. Laing performed the surgery on July 7th at Sycamore schoals. I came home two days after. It feels similar to my C-sections but I don't have a baby. I did loose about 7 lbs, hopefully there will be even more weight lost once im back to my normal life and can be more active. I feel like im still swolen and bloated. Me and Amber went driving today, we went to Kohls in kingsport and 5-guys burgers and fries in kingsport. She did really well just needs to learn her way around. We stopped at movie starz and bought some movies to watch. Zack Harrison came over to play video games with Hunter we havent seen him in about 8 yrs., he went to youth group with hunter and amber. Hunter went bowling with Clinton and his other friends.