Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whats been going on...........

Well this school year is winding down. Hunter had Class night on Thursday, they do a candle lighting ceremony where a senior lights a juniors candle and then they take their place in the bleachers and then they introduce the Class of 2009 and you realize that your baby boy is going to be a senior and graduate next year! I got a little teary eyed. Today we had Kloey Kennedy, and Braden's party at Massengill park on the lake, its a pretty place to have a get together. Hunter and Amber got to fish but they didnt catch anything.

I have got to get back into scrapbooking I am so far behind. Since we had our water leak in April I dont have my light fixture back up and its kinda depressing to be down there and look at it. Lois is having a yard sale this week so I need to get some things ready for that.

Havent been to CVS this week wasnt anything I need or any great bargains to be had. I got my stimulus check, Im gonna pay for Hunter's band camp and some of Amber's cheerleading expenses with it and I am wanting to buy a Wii if I can find one. I ordered the Wii fit to start exercising with. I only went walking one night this week, hope to do it more next week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's news

Worked today, pretty busy stayed till 3:00. Fixed a pizza for supper and salad. I went walking around 6:00. Hunter went to interview at Marble Slab and he got a 2nd interview with Chick fila. Hopefully he will get a job before school is out and every teenager is looking for a job! Well im gonna go to bed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Manic Monday

Well one good thing about today, I got to sleep in - didnt wake up until 9:45. Got ready and went to Target and CVS. Amber had cheer practice tonight and Debra took her and I picked them up. Been watching my TLC shows and The bachelor. Took a ambien so I hope I can fall asleep good tonight.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's happenings

Well this has been a rough week, havent felt good most of the week. Headache all day yesterday, feeling better today. I went shopping this morning in Kingsport, went to Kohls, Hobby Lobby , Lowes and Wal-mart. Amber went to Kelly's tonight, Hunter went to mamaw's, I have been working on stuff downstairs and been on the computer. Added a playlist to my blog. I love the song by Trace Adkins "your gonna miss this". Got a new cricut cartridge today, played with it a little bit. Hunter has his band banquet tomorrow at BMS.